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Marshals/Organiser Event Information

The notes below have been put together to assist Organisers of the Road Race League to prepare in advance of the event, as to what is required to ensure smooth running on the day.

    Printable version of the organiser notes

The Primary club has a named organiser for the event who takes overall control; a secondary club may also have volunteered to help.

The organisation of each night’s race, the primary club nominee will:

The BC Website will be used for series entry. Series race funds will be split evenly between primary organising clubs – on the night entry stays with the club.  The primary club meets all costs and prizes, but the league pays for NEG and Timing Chips directly.

Communication with league committee

The club organiser is charged with communicating with John Ireson that

1. The event has been organised and is fully authorised / on the BC system.

2. The event has been managed for on the night requirements – HQ, first aid etc

3. Any risk to the event

4. If unsure of their duty.

SSSCCRRL event registration template (Action required early 2016)

The organiser should register the event with British Cycling. This guide has been produced to assist you with the registration of your event for the 2016 South Staffordshire & Shropshire Cycling Clubs Road Racing League. By following the steps detailed you should ensure that the events promoted by the various clubs are consistent in terms of how they are presented on the British Cycling Event Calendar.

Risk Assessment  (Action required a minimum one week before event)

The  Risk Assessment  of the course has previously been assessed, a copy of which is at the foot of this page. It will be your task or one of your team  to study the Risk Assessment and inspect the course 1 week before the race and on the day before the race, in order to advise and act on any problems, i.e. floods, bad grit, road works etc. the Commissaries will assist you in deciding effective action. Signage is required at corners, finish line etc., most clubs have this equipment.


Marshalls (Action required minimum of three days before event)

A plan of what marshals are required, it is  REQUIRED TO APPOINT A CHIEF MARSHALL, who can manage this, and be able to present to the Commissaries on the night who, and how many go where. Don’t forget the finish line, and that you provide them with bibs and red flags.


1st Aid (Action required a minimum three days before event)

1st Aid must be booked and a car and driver provided to transport the 1st Aid as it is a difficult task on his own.  

Car Driver Name - must be a BC member and submitted with other lead car drivers on the Event Vehicle Registration Form to BC for insurance purposes.  (See documents at foot of page)



This year clubs will receive an equal share of the league subscriptions, for instance, if 80 riders subscribe to the series 80 x £110 = £8800 divided by 12 races each club will receive £770 in advance.

The organising clubs on the night will provide a cash box with a float, plenty of change etc, with 2 personnel to receive riders who enter on the line; this is usually around 15 riders per night. EOL entry; Affiliated club riders Sen: £14 Jun: £9 - Non affiliated club riders Sen: £15 Jun: £10.

After the event, the organiser will pay HQ fee,1st aider fee, commissaries fees, ideally on the night plus any other expenses that occur. The BC Comm's will fill in the levy form, and the organising club will ensure the payment is sent to the address on the form, not to Cheryl or Jeremy.

The NEGs and Transponder fees are paid by the Leagues existing funds. these have all been pre booked for 2016.

1st £30, 2nd £20 and 3rd £10 (Minimum prize list)

Any profit remaining, the clubs keep.

SignOn/Start Sheets

You will receive an email containing pdf copies of the start sheets which should arrive a couple of days before your event at the latest. If they have not arrived by Tuesday evening please email Andy Jones at:

There will be 7 pdf sheets. One for each of the five groups allocated by the handicapper John Ireson. The other two sheets are for EOL riders.

The race number is the same number that is used for the transponders. Transponder No 1 is not allocated.

1. Print three copies of each Sign On sheet.

2. Using paper clips and a sheet of carbon paper clip the three copies of each group and EOL Sign On sheets together so riders details will be printed through to each sheet.

3. The handicapper will allocate groups for an EOL rider.

4. Try to encourage EOL riders to write their details neatly.

5. After entry closes at 6:45 the Sign On sheets  will need to be split from the carbon paper. The Commissaire will one need a copy of all Sign On sheets.

6. Simon Fielding (person in charge of timing system) will need EOL sheets, and what handicap group riders are in, plus race number, remember he could be 2 miles from the H.Q. so someone has to get him that info in order for him to input these riders names on the system.

7. The other copy should be kept at the HQ sign on desk.

Signing On

Ideally you will require 2 people on the signing on desk. The 1st few weeks are hectic. In addition we require support in administering  the transponders, which will be given out with the numbers, the riders who have entered the full league series, will keep their race number.

The signing on desk will keep the licence at all times, if a transponder is not returned on the night, do not give the rider their licence back, as there is an £80 cost to replace it. All riders will be informed of this rule prior to them being accepted to Ride the League. They will not be accepted otherwise, in this instance send them to  a commissaries if they complain. It is then preferred that 1 person stays at the H.Q. to maintain these procedures for riders who retire early.


Finish Line

With the continued use of transponders this year Simon, who is the operator, will require assistance setting up his equipment on the night, and managing the finish line. The results are very accurate, and relieves the pressure on the 2 judges, it would be a good idea to request your transponder assistant (who helps Simon) to be a manual judge, just in case of IT problems – we need to get this right!


Entries on the Line list

Simon will need a list of riders who have entered on the line, and what handicap group they are in, plus race number, remember he could be 2 miles from the H.Q. so someone has to get him that info in order for him to input on the system.

Simon will require help packing his equipment away.

Finish line Judges  

2 judges are required to assist and manage the finish line.  


Equipment (Action required immediately after the previous weeks event)

The organiser should arrange to pick up from the previous event this equipment.

Other equipment a club should obtain (Action required a minimum three days before event)

Race Vehicles (Action required a minimum three days before event)

Organisers will need to provide 5 lead cars and 1 first aid Car, these will be supplied with roof top signs, flashing light and radios, the drivers name, car reg & make are also required, they must also be BC members, and the form requires their BC number to be completed (form available at foot of page) and sent to Mike Jackson ( at least 3 working days before the event, otherwise you are not insured.


There will be at least 2 NEG riders on the night, these are booked and paid from league funds so no work there.


After Race Paperwork

Once the event is over, ensure all paperwork is complete; the commissaries will sit down and go through with you. Please ensure the cash tin complete and paperwork is completed and hand to myself, or appointed person.


Most importantly, ensure transponders back in their box and in order, help Simon pack away, Simon will have the results to give the Commissaries.  


Tidy up, lock up, return, key and retire to the bar. Most of you are experienced organisers and most of the above will not be a problem, anyone who needs help, contact Mike Jackson or Stephen Allcott and we will assist in any way we can.

Pass on the race equipment to the next weeks organiser.

Hand out prizes to the race winner. 1st £30, 2nd £20 and 3rd £10 (Minimum prize list)

Remember, start planning now, so that on the day it goes smoothly I prefer to see organisers directing their team, not doing everything themselves.


Hopefully this will all become clear on the organiser night.  


Regards the Road Race League Committee